Beneficial properties of Cedar

The soft drinks “Cedrink” and “Bergobitter” contain a particular infusion of cedar D.O.P. (Protected Designation of Origin), a citrus fruit with many health-giving properties: Fibers, ascorbic acid, mineral salts (Calcium, Potassium, Sodium and Phosphorus), vitamin of the group B and a big quantity of vitamins C. It is rich of antioxidants (Flavonoids), that counteract free radicals, and has also digestive, laxative, diuretic, germicidal and stimulating properties. It represents a good aid in case of cystitis and as contrast versus the kidney problems.At the level of the gastrointestinal system, thanks to the high concentration of fibers it acts as a rebalancer of the gastric acidity (preventing gastritis) and regulates the intestinal functions. It’s also an antispasmodic (abdominal colic), antimeteoric (intestinal swelling) and astringent (antidiarrheal). Thanks to flavonoids decreases the possibility of cancer cells, especially in the colon.


It is an exklusive thirst-quenching drink with an inebriating, refined and persistent taste of mediterranean citrus fruits, enriched with the sweet and sour notes of bergamot D.O.P. “Fruit of health”. The many 100% italian natural very high quality aromas and a considerable presence of bergamot concentrate ensure, that the intensity of the flavors and the aromas are perceived for a long after sipping it. These characteristics make it a versatile drink for every use: It is perfect at meals or as aperitivo accompanied with appetizers, or as digestive or mixed with juices and other drinks, or used for the creation of fantastical cocktails and long drinks.


It is an unique and particular thirst-quenching drink with a considerable content of bergamot juice D.O.P. “The fruit of health”, that with a particular cedar infusion and many high quality natural flavors 100% italian makes an exclusive harmonious bitter taste, which remains on the palate for a long, after having it sipped. It is perfect for every moment as digestive and thirst-quencher drink, at meals, aperitivo accompanied at appetizer, but also mixed with other drinks or juices, or as ingredient for making cocktails and long drinks with a strong and intense flavor.


It is a lightly sparkling non-alcoholic drink with the typical flavors, sweet and acidulous aromas of cedar, which perceive for a long on the palate after having sipped it. In addition to the many 100% Italian natural aromas present in the recipe, the flavor is intensified from the presence of a particular cedar infusion. Even if it has been created as a thirst-quenching drink, it can be drunk at meals or as aperitivo accompanied with canapès and appetizers,  mixed with juices or other drinks, or used as ingredient for the creation of imaginative long drinks and cocktails with a typical refreshing flavors.


After intensive research and experimentation, we at Glacial Drinks ® have created three delectable soft drink flavours with souch pungent aromas, the unique tastes will remain with you beyond each sip. Our distinctive recipes include a unique combination of natural flavours, juices D.O.P. and fruit D.O.P. infusions produces using high quality citrus with internationally recognised medica healing properties from a specific region in Italy. The drinks make not only the perfect quenches or aperitivos but can also be enjoyed as exquisite cocktail mixers.

Our costumers’ satisfaction is the utmost importance to us, so we are always striving to develop innovative products using the highest quality ingredients.

Our motto is: “A project is never finished, but perpetually in the perfectioning phase!”

BERGAMOT (the fruit of health)

Beneficial properties of Bergamot D.O.P. 

The soft drinks “Bergodrink” and “Bergobitter” contain bergamot juice D.O.P., called in the international medical field thanks to its many therapeutic peculiarities “Fruit of health“, becouse it is rich of:  Fiber, mineral salts (sodium, calcium, magnesium, potassium), vitamins (A, C, E and the series B) and antioxidants (Flavonoids are similar to statins), important for neutralizing free radicals and slowing the formation of tumor diseases (especially of the intestine, breast, skin and prostate). As result, bergamot increases on average HDL (good cholesterol) by 38%, reduces both LDL (bad cholesterol level) and triglycerides by 42%, and sugar by 25%. It also normalizes CPK levels and reduces the onset of cardiovascular diseases by 21% (stroke, arteriosclerosis, heart attacks and thrombosis). It reduces the cases of central nervous system diseases (Parkinson and Alzheimer) and has antiviral and healingproperties. It stimulates the appetite and counteracts the intestinal parasites thanks to the citric acid. 

Beneficial properties of Bergamot D.O.P. according to the international scientific studies:

  • Increases HDL (good cholesterol) by an average by 38%
  • Reduces LDL (bad cholesterol) on average by 42%
  • Reduces Triglycerides on average by 42%
  • Reduces sugar in blood on average by 25%
  • Normalizes the CPK levels
  • Reduces the onset of cardiovascular disease on average by 21% (stroke, arteriosclerosis, heart attacks and thrombosis)
  • Reduces the onset of central nervous system diseases (Parkinson and Alzheimer)
  • Antiviral and healing properties
  • Contrasts intestinal parasites
  • Stimulate appetites


Glacial Drinks has produced three healthy and non-alcoholic drinks with innovative Mediterranean flavors and aromas. Thanks to the constant advice of gastronomy experts, the recipes have been varied to perfect both the taste and the aroma of the products. The drinks are perfect suitable as a thirst-quencher or aperitivo, and also as ingredient for the preparation of cocktails and long drinks.
The artisan production and the use of glass bottles and crown caps have been chosen to not alter the taste and fragrance, and to preserve both better.
Glacial Drinks is currently in process of creating new, innovative and versatile soft drinks.